According to a recent survey, US-based artists are less likely to have health insurance than the general public. They are also unsure about the Affordable Care Act, and seek advice about how to navigate this new health care landscape.

A task force of musician and artist advocacy organizations are working together to help creatives learn more and take action on health care.

Do you have questions? Email us at or call our artist-friendly hotline at 1-919-264-0418.

Where to start

Frequently asked by artists
What's going on with the Affordable Care Act right now? Can I still get coverage?

I've heard there are subsidies available for low-income people. Is that true?

What is the penalty for being uninsured?

I'm currently paying for health insurance myself. Can I look at these exchanges and see if I can get a better price?

I already have coverage via a union [like AFM or SAG or Equity]. How will things change for me?

I'm a smoker. Will I be able to afford coverage (or, will coverage be more expensive for me)?

What if I don't file taxes?

What if I can't predict what my income is going to be?

Who should I go to if I have more questions?

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Artist-specific seminars

Every Monday
Every Artist Insured: Finding Affordable Health Insurance with Covered California
Actors' Fund, Every Monday in Los Angeles, CA

Every Thursday
Every Artist Insured: Navigating Health Care Reform
Actors' Fund, Every Thursday in New York, NY

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Online learning

Kaiser Family Foundation's brief video overview of the pieces of the Affordable Care Act.

AHIRC's excellent and thorough overview of the Affordable Care and and steps artists can take to find health care.

Data from a recent survey of US-based musicians and artists about their health care coverage.

A Pittsburgh-based artist collective describes the challenges artists face regarding health care and insurance.